The Chinese translation is a little more clear about the last panels, basically Hori is saying something like, "Yo, Nozaki. You know about how you said how a scared kouhai is endearing? They’re even cuter when they’re completely terrified.”

…I saw what you really want to do Hori-chan senpai


Awwwwwwwwwww… “sweet”!!!


you’re my reason for reason;
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun | kashima+hori
and if you said “this life ain’t good enough” / i’d give my world to lift you up / i would change my life / to better suit your mood

{Vol. 1: Mikoshiba + Sakura} {Vol. 2: Kashima + Hori} {Vol. 3: Wakamatsu + Seo}

My second GSNK video! I tried vainly to inject a little bit of color here, only the effects this song’s beat would’ve been good for are kind of in my dearly departed laptop and as such I had to settle for static textures…anyway, I hope you like it!

Tagging point0k, who wanted to see this! Now, to upload the third video…

Disclaimer note is the same as the MikoChiyo vid: The scans are not mine, just btw! The honor for that belongs to Panda Scans and Roselia Scanlations Please support those websites, and the actual manga if it ever becomes available in your country, as well! As for the colored fanbook scans, I got them from various tumblr posts…OTL

I love this manga (soooooooooooo… romantic)!

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The adorable kiss finally in glorious HD.


One of my favourite animal duo / friendship | requested by anon (I just realized you asked for an animal duo, it’s coming up next. Sorry!) 

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum ;; “How do ya do and shake hands, shake hands, shake hands. How do ya do and shake hands and state your name and business. That’s manners!”


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